Facilitated Marketing Workshop

Facilitated Marketing Workshop

Marketing workshops are key to Marketing Eye’s process of creating our 40-60 paged strategies. It’s important that our clients come prepared to collaborate so we can build one of the strongest marketing strategies in the industry.

Sit down with a Marketing Manager to discuss how to align your business and marketing objectives in full. Our comprehensive workshops, typically spanning 3-4 hours, will walk through every detail of your business so that we can adequately assess your needs and build a robust marketing strategy hitting every item discussed.

In a marketing workshop, our team of marketing experts will sit down with you and your key stakeholders to discuss your current forms of marketing and the goals you are looking to achieve. Before every workshop, we ask that our clients come prepared with their desired marketing goals, branding ideas, and an open mind so that our teams can collaborate together on reaching your potential from a marketing perspective.  

To book your marketing workshop, call 404-626-8070 and purchase your workshop directly below.